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Vastu Shastra Specialist Appointed By The Collection LLP

The Collection LLP, London’s leading boutique property consultancy based in Mayfair, has hired the UK’s top Vastu Shastra specialist – Geetanjali Bhalla – to better serve the needs of clients observing this ancient science while searching for their ideal London property.

Originating in India over five thousand years ago, the science of Vastu Shastra established fundamental rules on how buildings should be designed in terms of directional alignments. A property constructed according to Vastu principles is believed to improve the health, prosperity, happiness, wealth, peace of mind and spiritual development of its inhabitants, and vice versa.

“We recognise that correct Vastu alignment of a property is a critical factor affecting the purchase decision for an increasing number of our clients,” said Caroline Takla, Founder & Managing Partner of The Collection. She explained that clients can reject short-listed properties that, for example, have a south-west facing entrance as these are thought to bring struggles and misfortune. “As a growing number of our clients are from Indian origin, whether based abroad or within the UK, we see no point in wasting their time by arranging viewings of incorrectly aligned properties”, she clarified. “As many of our clients live abroad, we need to maximise the value of their visits to London by only showing them Vastu-compliant properties if we know this is important to them.”

In addition to initial screening of entrance alignment, The Collection can additionally provide in-depth audits of a whole property subject to client request, as well as recommend and implement measures to correct non-Vastu compliant spaces. The company can achieve over 80% Vastu correctness without the need for structural changes through applying simple solutions such as adding the necessary colours to an area.

Geetanjali Bhalla holds a Master’s degree in Vastu Shastra. She initially qualified as an interior designer but decided to qualify as a Vastu Shastra expert after witnessing first-hand the benefits of this in her own home and life. Trained by Khushdeep Bansal, India’s foremost Vastu consultant and best-selling author, Geetanjali is one of the UK’s most experienced Vastu Shastra experts with hundreds of successfully completed cases. She is fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.

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