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Other Services

Concierge & Aftercare

Our complimentary in-house concierge service takes care of all the small but important things you don’t have the time for. We will arrange to collect all available sets of keys from the seller, manage a change of locks if required, organise professional cleaning, take meter readings, arrange to open utility accounts and handle anything else that is necessary during the handover of your property.

Furthermore,  our Aftercare service will help you monitor how your asset has performed, whether you bought the property as a home or for investment. We organise annual property performance checks, which involve arranging three market appraisals from leading local agents for the duration of your ownership. Where necessary, we can also advise you on the optimal time to upsize, downsize, dispose of the property or diversify your portfolio.

Bespoke Consultancy Advice

Whether you’re a developer that’s new to a particular market or a seller who wants to know how best to showcase their property, we can offer you a bespoke solution that caters for your particular needs.

For more information, please contact us on or +44 (0) 20 7629 4200